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Immerse yourself in the neon glow of Arcade Alley, a popular hangout for punks and gamers alike.

Arcade Alley is an original piece created using a mix of voxel art, pre-rendered lighting and 2D shaders, all brought together in GameMaker.

To Run

  • Please ensure you are on the latest version of Opera GX - LVL 4 (core: 98.0.4759.82)
  • Simply click Install then open a new speed dial tab once installed to view. The wallpaper will take a few seconds to load. You can then switch wallpapers via the Mod menu or via the Custom Wallpaper menu.
  • If you are having issues getting the wallpaper to show, it would be really useful to get a few details about your system when you submit a bug report to help us figure out what's going on:
    • PC Specs (CPU, GPU, Desktop or Laptop etc.)
    • Do other Live Wallpapers work for you?
    • If you are feeling brave, you may be able to see an error within the browser's console (Right Click, Inspect Element) whenever you try and load the wallpaper

How to Change Wallpaper Settings

On OperaGX:

  • When on the Speed Dial page,** Right Click** on the wallpaper
  • Select "Configure Live Wallpaper"
  • Adjust the wallpaper to your desired spec!


  • Neon lights flicker on and off in the background casting their emissive glow over the street below.
  • Interactive neon signs.
  • Adjustable camera position for a variety of monitor setups.
  • Customisable RGB arcade doorway lights.

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Arcade Alley

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Immerse yourself in the neon glow of your own dystopian voxel city