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Add a splash of color to your wallpaper with this dynamic fluid simulation
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Add a splash of color to your wallpaper with this dynamic fluid ink simulation.

Color Splash was created using a custom shader written within GameMaker to simulate colored ink dispersing in water.

To Run

  • Please ensure you are on the latest version of Opera GX - LVL 4 (core: 98.0.4759.79)
  • If you are having issues getting wallpapers to work, try changing the wallpaper via the right hand 'easy setup' side menu instead of using the Mod page.

How to Change Wallpaper Settings

On OperaGX:

  • Right Click on the wallpaper
  • Select "Configure Live Wallpaper"


  • Move your cursor across the screen to leave trails of fluid ink that mixes and flows as you work
  • Click to spawn a unique shape (Windows only)
  • Adjust the Render Scale for performance optimisation
  • Adjust the ink's Color, rate of Decay, speed and intensity
  • Adjust the simulation's iterations, vortices, vorticity threshold and viscosity

What's New [05-29-23] ...

  • We've added Render Scaling for better performance optimisation. Render Scaling is set to half (0.5) by default now, but simply increase to 1 for maximum quality!

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