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Feel the force, the pod-racing-level adrenaline rush, the spin, and the sand between your cheeks as 'Star Wars Battlefront II (classic) Menu' takes you back, and drowns you in sounds and visuals from the classic hit 2005 game from your childhood. May the force be with you, and always remember - watch those wrist rockets!
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I encourage you to message my instagram (@krosisthearcher) and give me some feedback! Thanks for downloading!


This is a mod created as a love letter to the hit 2005 star wars game. It aims to recreating the nostalgic feel of it's sound design, especially the main menu and battle sounds.

This mod inludes:

Background Theme

The Background Theme is taken straight from the Star Wars universe, with well known and beloved tracks that also appeared in the original game, including:

  • The Imperial March (trimmed, like in the battlefront menu)
  • The Battle of Heroes
  • Duel of the Fates
  • Across the Stars (Galactic Conquest ; Galactic view version)
  • Other scores, and a million more well on the way.

Dynamic Theme

This mod also takes advantage of the **Dynamic Theme **of Opera GX. When you start typing, or pressing many buttons in a short amout of time, you might start hearing sounds from the Battlefront game, the more "action" is happening, the more intense the sound effects get.

Currently the Dynamic Theme has three layers:

  • Forementioned Backround Theme
  • Ambient sounds of the Death Star, and command posts
  • Battle sounds from Republic gameplay on Kashyyk

The battle sounds are extracted from actual gameplay, so they also have satisfying stereo - use of headphones encouraged.

Keyboard and Browser sounds

Default keyboard and browser sounds are replaced with the original menu sounds from the second Battefront game.

They give the browser an amazing feel, like youre using a Control Panel from the Star Wars universe.

I literally have no idea how to list these sounds, but to keep the systematic look of this descriprtion, here I go:

  • Enter sound : BOLOLO
  • Typing sound : TYP
  • Backspace sound : BERE
  • New Tab sound : CHCHKA


This mod doesnt have much to offer on the visual side of things, as it turns out my IT school is teaching me outdated and useless CSS syntax...


  • The Wallpaper is taken from the PC campaign menu. I wasnt actually able to extract it directly from the game, but I quickly realized that the diffrent menus cover diffrent parts of the wallpaper image, so with 3 screenshots and some photoshop skills, I was able to stich up the whole image together. I'm a genius, I know.
  • Fitting black and white theme

Plans for the Future

I want to add more themes, as currently the soundtrack is about 15 minutes long.

I will also add more Battle sounds from other eras and fractions, effectively making the **Dynamic Theme **longer and more diverse.

Im also Planning to add the animated main menu background from the console version of the game. I currently dont remember if there was any major differences

between the versions, but if so, I will make a seperate console version of the mod.

Also, once I have the fraction sounds rolling, I will create more seperate versions of the mod, each dedicaded to it's respective fraction, with this one being the one containing sounds and visuals from all the fractions.