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Turn your background into a computer terminal from times long gone by.

Computer Terminal is based on the look and feel of old computer terminals and tries to add a hint of nostalgia to your browser. The image displayed in the background is based on the command you decide to run, of which there are currently eight to choose from. Try them all and and pick the one that fits you best!


  • Offers a selection of 8 different commands
  • Uses your actual username if available
  • Traces your mouse movement (if enabled)
  • Shows system time and date
  • Configurations allow custom colors for text and background
  • Configurations allow custom username and system name


  • OPERA: Displays the Opera GX logo as ASCII art
  • GAMEMAKER: Displays the GameMaker logo as ASCII art
  • YOYO: Displays the YoYo Games logo as ASCII art
  • HARE: Displays the Hare Software logo as ASCII art
  • ORBIT: Shows a moving model of our solar system
  • CONWAY: Shows a Conway's Game of Life simulation
  • MATRIX: Shows streams of characters rain down
  • PONG: Shows the terminal playing pong against itself

To Run

The Live Wallpaper feature is only in Early Bird atm, so there are still a few bugs in the system. If you have any issues getting Live Wallpapers to show, try doing the following:

  1. Ensure you are on the latest version of Opera GX - LVL 4 (core: 98.0.4759.50)
  2. Enable 'Early Bird' in Settings
  3. If you have just done the above after installing a Live Wallpaper, uninstall and reinstall the Live Wallpaper to view
  4. We also noticed that there are currently issues switching between the wallpapers in Mods, but it works fine if you use the Wallpaper Selector in the Side Bar.

Computer Terminal

Computer Terminal icon
Turn your background into a computer terminal from times long gone by.