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A Shylily themed mod | Modified 4.1a Version
Studio Clairvoyance
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This mod can be resource hungry.

A little mod I made, all based around the Vtuber Shylily.

Thanks Shylily for using my mod! Was not expecting that.

Thanks for 120k downloads!

The version of the mod will no longer be updated! From now on, any future updates or custom versions can be found @



5.2(4.1a) - The Github Update (Current):

  • Shylily: Womp Womp GX has reached its max potential through
  • Created a Github page where you can get previous archived and possible future versions of the mod
  • Downloable Github versions include 3.8, 3.9, 4.0, 4.1 and 5.0
  • Switched the public mod to a modified version of Shylily: Womp Womp GX 4.1, featuring the new colors and wallapaper, audio tweaks and other small changes included in v5.0, but instead with the old v4.1 sounds, as those sounds generally seem to be preferred
  • If you want Shylily: Womp Womp GX 5.0, or a previous version, you can check the Github as mentioned previously`

- Github link --->

5.0 - Third-of-a-whale-Update (Previous):

  • This Update had to be severely cut down because I was having issues uploading a near 400mb .zip to GX.create, but nonetheless, it's the biggest update thus far.
  • Added 148 total new sounds
  • Updated the wallpaper to show support for Shylily
  • Updated both dark mode and light mode accent schemes
  • Reverted to manifest v3, as I have had issues with other versions
  • Updated the license
  • Updated store page
  • Updated Features page
  • Adjusted some audio levels
  • Compressed and converted some sounds to .mp3 to save on space, as the mod is currently 150mb
  • To think 20k downloads was only two public updates ago, and now we're over 120k`

4.1 - The Manifest Update (Previous):

  • Updated the manifest to match the newer version from the gxmods GitHub
  • Attempted to upscale the wallpaper, though OperaGX is bugged at the moment and decides to ocasionally not display mod wallpapers. your results may vary`


Mod Developed by swaggatten, Studio Clairvoyance.

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