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These beings...they seem similar to us...could there be a World Within? An epic synthwave space themed mod that opens its arms to everyone (including those that are millions of light years away...)
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"These beings...they seem similar to us...could there be a World Within?"

The creator of MGS for Opera GX and DormentGX brings to you;


A space themed synthwave mod that everyone should experience. Despite this mainly being an inside joke; this has been altered for everyone to enjoy as a whole. This is a Beta Testing Prototype mod due to the fact that I am still experimenting with features such as an animated background, so if anyone has any advice on how to do that then feel free to submit it through the 'Feedback' feature. Despite the fact that this is a prototype mod, this mod contains the same amount of contents that a fully produced mod would have.

The Story πŸ˜΄πŸ›Œ

It is the year 2025; 2 years after the 7th of Feb 2023 when an alien invasion took place on Earth (very 80's storyline). And now everyone is being ruled by these beings (through your browser at least.). You will now experience what its like to be on a goofy sci-fi computer on which the 80's would predict what it would have been like in the possible future, so enjoy the moment while it lasts!

Mod Information

Once again, despite this being a prototype mod, it still is a fully sized mod. Because of this it contains;

  • Custom Keyboard Sounds
  • Custom Browser Sounds
  • Custom Wallpapers for both Modes
  • Custom Themes for both modes; down to the text colour and shadows.
  • Background music by me (CodaVibez)
  • And a couple of inside jokes here and there hidden away.

Additional Info

The sidenote for my previous 2 mods remain roughly the same:

  1. Make sure to tune the browser sounds and background music just in case you find it too loud or certain things to be too quiet.
  2. And make sure you don't get tracked by those from far above!

The Support Section

If you like the background music in this mod then you can follow my Bandlab account, 'CodaVibez'. If you wish to support me on Opera GX then you can check out my other 2 mods, 'MGS for Opera GX' and 'DormentGX'. If you wish to support me even further then you can subscribe to my YT channel, 'DormentCoder'. If you wish to submit any feature requests or bug reports then feel free to do so (or a weird question on whether or not you can join my studio.).