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This mod can be resource hungry.

Introducing AmethystAtmos - Opera GX mod made by The Arcadio Group that redefines elegance and sophistication in browsing.

Check out AetherAtmos, our brand new mod featuring nature sounds aswell as a mesmerizing soundtrack.

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This exceptional mod enhances your browsing experience to new levels of elegance with hypnotic dynamic backgrounds, exciting ambient music, improved keyboard sounds, and subtle Discord and Youtube adjusts. Enjoy the carefully chosen visual and acoustic components that combine to form an elegant symphony as you lose yourself in the alluring aesthetics of AmethystAtmos.

We would like to express our gratitude to the following companies and individuals for their contributions to the development of AmethystAtmos:

The Opera GX Team: For their support and development of Mod_Template.

TESTER1 Sexillo218: For providing valuable feedback and suggestions that helped improve the Mod.

My Cat: Thanks for being asleep by my side every night that i stayed up making this.

We would also like to extend our special thanks to ChatGPT and OpenAI for their amazing language processing technology that allowed us to create this text with ease.

Music Used

deeprealization2042 - Defiant (cover of HOME - Resonance)

acceptancestage2043 - Defiant (cover of Frankjavcee - SimpsonWave1995)

betterthanyesterday2046 - Defiant (cover of Timecop1983 - On the Run)

underbloodline2050 - Defiant (cover of syko - #BrooklynBloodPop!)


We would like to take this opportunity to thank our users for choosing AmethystAtmos. We have put our heart and soul into developing this Mod, and we hope it meets your expectations.

We also believe in constantly improving our Mod to meet the changing needs of our users. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for future updates and improvements.

Hey, Defiant here, If you are reading this, you've succesfully finished this long as fuck text made by ChatGPT, i just wanted to thank you all for using this, i've put a lot of effort on this and knowing that the people likes it makes me very happy, we are open for any suggest or any feedback you would like to give us, just to make AmethystAtmos a better mod every day, ily all guys <3


The Arcadio Group

Get ready to browse with unparalleled refinement and sophistication with AmethystAtmos by The Arcadio Group.



AmethystAtmos icon
Amethyst, a shimmering purple macrocrystalline gem, the atmosphere around it is peaceful, but also full of mystery. Welcome to AmethystAtmos made exclusively for Purple/Violet lovers.